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Our Focus


Develops and manages the Environmental Sensing Data Network (ESDN) enabling users to easily deploy and manage sensors in support of research, education, and civic projects

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Staff and affiliates research improvements in IOT technologies and their application to real life use cases

 Innovation Lab

Manages the IOT innovation lab where researchers, educators and partners can build and test IOT end devices and solutions


Provides in person and remote training on specific IOT topics. Develops IOT curriculum for K-12 and higher-ed

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Water Quality Monitoring

Aims to be control treatment cell management using remote input and based on water quality, water level, and weather forecasts.

 Randall Etheridge (Principal Investigator) Email

Center Staff

Dr. Ciprian Popoviciu

Assistant Professor, Technology Systems
College of Engineering and Technology

Colby Sawyer

Chief Technology Officer


Merrill Flood

Director: Planner-In-Residence
Millennial Campus Planning & Local Comm Affairs, ECU Brewster Building A-212

Dr. Erol Ozan

Associate Professor
Department of Technology Systems, College of Engineering and Technology,
East Carolina University

Dr. Sinan Sousan

Assistant Professor
Department of Public Health at ECU and North Carolina Agromedicine Institute

Dr. Philip Lundsford

Associate Professor


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